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Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon with Chickpeas in a Tomato Tarragon Coconut Sauce, Jasmine rice & Lemon Yogurt by Steven Dolby

Tomato Tarragon Coconut Sauce 1 Tbsp olive oil 1/2 Medium yellow onion (diced) 2 Garlic cloves (diced) 90g Leek (sliced) 300g Tomatoes (sliced in half) Small bundle of fresh tarragon 1 Cup chicken stock 1/4 Tsp ground cardamom 1/4 Cup coconut milk 1 Can of chickpeas finish with Salt & Pepper (to taste) Tarragon (to taste) Chili flakes (to taste) 1 Tsp sugar
Brown Jasmine rice 2 Cups water 1 Cup Brown jasmine rice 1 Tsp salt 1 Tbsp olive oil
Lemon Yogurt 5 Tbsp Greek yogurt Zest of one lemon Juice of half a lemon Salt & Pepper (to taste)
6 Oz Wild alaskan sockeye salmon (from Butcher Box)
Watch video for method

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