Toad in the hole by Steven Dolby

(Serves 4-5 people)

375ml Fresh milk
3 Large eggs
1 Egg white
220g Plain flour
1 Tsp caraway seeds
Salt & pepper (to taste)
1 Medium yellow onion
1 Garlic clove
Fresh Italian flat leaf parsley (small handful)
1 Tsp Fresh rosemary
1/4 Cup worcestershire sauce
2 Cup beef stock (good quality)
1/2 Tsp sugar
Salt & pepper (to taste)
1Tbsp vegetable oil
Olive oil
Cumberland sausages (or English style sausages..your choice how many)
Fresh English peas
Fresh Italian flat leaf parsley (to garnish)

Steve's side ideas for toad in the hole. Salad, Mashed potato, Horseradish cream, Celeriac puree, Mint sauce, Petit pois peas.



  1. Looks great. I'm a little Perturbed that the video didn't specify measurements and the the blog site didn't specify preparation details (not to mention a search engine to find the toad in the hole recipe). Maybe I'm missing something. I am looking at this on my iPhone

  2. Thank you...all the measurements are typed on the blog. The video is the method.

  3. Made this toad in the hole this evening. My wife loved it and it looked just like the video. Made it in a nice heavy cast iron skillet. Wife is from Ireland so she loves the Yorkshire. I'm thinking there's a deep dish pizza recipe that can be derived from this. Any ideas? Andrew.

  4. This looks absolutely fabulous! I'd like to try making it myself sometime. What equivalent sausage can I use in the United States? I cannot find Cumberland sausages where I live. Please advise. Thank you.

  5. A local cafe' serves what they called Toad-in-a-Hole, I was very disappointed that that it was NOTHING like this. So I tried the recipe this morning. I didn't have the same spices or the right sausage so it could have been better but it looked really cool to serve. *what US sausage is similar ? My wife loved, loved, loved the gravy. It was fantastic!!


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