Fuss-free Holiday/Christmas Dinner by Steven Dolby

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(Serves 5-6 people)
Chestnut, Bacon & Spinach stuffing
200g Chestnuts (fresh or jarred roughly chopped)
100g Bacon (sliced)
1 Medium onion (roughly chopped)
2 Garlic cloves (finely diced)
100g Button mushrooms (sliced)
1 Medium carrot (sliced)
1 Celery stalk (sliced)
3 Sprigs fresh thyme (just the leaves)
110g Fresh spinach
210g Sourdough bread (cut into small cubes)
1 Egg
1 1/2 Cups chicken stock
Olive oil
Salt & ground black pepper (to taste)
Cover with foil

3Ib Turkey breast 
3 Garlic cloves (cut into strips)
3 Sprigs fresh rosemary
Olive oil
Salt & ground black pepper
Internal temperature should reach 165f

Roasted vegetables
210g Parsnips
260g Brussels sprouts
300g Turnip (cut into bite size pieces)
3 Garlic cloves (with skins)
700g Potatoes (roast potato cut)
1 Large onion (cut in half)
Salt & ground black pepper
Olive oil

Turkey Gravy
1 Roasted onion (roughly chopped)
3 Tsp plain flour
3 Cups vegetable stock
2-3 Sprigs fresh roasmary
Salt & ground black pepper (to taste)
Reduce gravy by half



  1. Lovely recipes. I really appreciate the quick video, too. Very enjoyable to watch. One question, though. It seemed you use only one large turnip and one large parsnip when you made this dish. Am I right? I couldn't quite make out how many in the video. Using the weight didn't help me much. Thanks!


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