Pan-fried White Bass served on a bed of braised greens and creamy mashed Potatoes by Steven Dolby

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150g Red pearl onions (Blanched)
2 Garlic cloves (sliced)
4 Green onions (sliced)
1 Tbsp Olive oil
150g Kale (roughly chopped)
150g Swiss chard (roughly chopped)
1 Tsp Smoked paprika
 Juice of half a fresh lemon
1 Cup water
1/4 Cup red wine vinegar
1/4 Tsp red Pepper Flakes
Salt & ground black pepper to taste)
2 Tsp sugar
530g Yukon Gold potatoes
1/2 Cup warm milk (for texture)
2 Tbsp unsalted Butter
Salt & ground black pepper (to taste)
fresh dill (to taste)
3 White bass fillets (skin on & scaled)

1. Drop onion in boiling water and blanch for 1-2 minutes. Remove from water and allow it to cool.

2. In a pan, heat olive oil and saute green onion and garlic. Sweat on low for 5 minutes.
3. Add kale, Swiss chard, and smoked paprika. Give it a good stir.
4. Add lemon juice, water, red wine vinegar, red pepper flakes, salt, sugar, and ground black pepper. Stir well and cook on low simmer for 10-15 minutes.
5. For mashed potato, cook potatoes in boiling salted water until soft. Drain and put in back into the pan.
6. Add milk and butter into the pan with potato and mash well.
7. Strain mashed potato through sift to get creamy texture.
8. Season with salt, pepper, and dill. Mix well. Transfer it to a bowl, and cover it with foil.
9. To keep it warm, place the bowl in a pan with boiling water, making sure that the water is not touching the bowl.
10. Remove the skin from onion as shown in the video.
11. Season fish with olive oil, and salt. Rub to coat well.
12. In hot pan, place the fillet, skin side down and hold it for 5-10 seconds. Cook until nice and golden on medium flame.
13. Remove fish from pan and set it aside to rest.
14. In the same pan, add the onion and saute for 3-4 minutes.

15. On a large serving platter, lay creamy mashed potato and top it with braised greens followed by the fish.

16. Drizzle sauce on top and serve with sauteed onion.



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